Can You Sell Disability Payments?

2011 September 25

Can I sell disability payments is a question I get a lot and and some disability payments, particularly Social Security disability payments cannot be sold. However private disability payments can many times be sold under the right circumstances. Let me elaborate. First, the biggest problem for recipients wishing to get cash for disability payments is the payments almost always end when a disability recipient dies so disability payment buyers would have no idea how many disability payments they would be purchasing.  That’s the bad news. However, there is some good news for people wanting to sell disability payments. There are a very few structured settlement buyers that have figured a way to help private disability payment recipients interested is selling disability payments. As a matter of fact, I get a lot of Veterans asking is VA disability a structured settlement? If you are wanting to sell VA disability payments and have questions,

Announcement: We are no longer assisting with the sale of VA disability payments.

sell disability paymentsIt is not but we have VA disability buyers that can get you a lump sum for selling partial VA disability payments each month. We never like to see someone sell all of each month’s VA disability payment. That key is for the recipient to have a term life insurance policy already in force. There are still a few legal and technical issues that need to be checked out. The best way to be sure about whether selling disability payments is possible for you is to simply fill out our disability and pension quote request form at disability and pension quote request.

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