Non Performing Notes Buyers

I get a lot of inquiries by people looking for non performing notes buyers. We are constantly adding non performing notes buyers to our expanding database. Most of our bank note pool buyers want non performing bank note pools. Of these note buyers, some like residential note pools and some like commercial non performing notes. Within these 2 groups of non performing notes buyers (some buying residential and commercial non performing notes), each note buyer may have certain geographies they like or avoid. Many don’t like the mid West and some of the Northeast. For the commercial note buyers, most will buy non performing notes nationwide. However some commercial note pool buyers avoid industrial notes. For commercial non performing note pools (and individuals commercial real estate notes due to their larger size), the demand for apartment notes is by far the strongest. Next would be strip malls and offices (non owner occupied). To see if we have any bank note buyers that would be interested in buying your note pools, give us a call at 1-877-655-5625. Ask for Ron Stone. Brokers are welcome if you are direct to the seller.

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