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Need a line of credit to start a business? We offer a stated income business startup loans, specifically a no doc loan for starting a business.

This Program Is No Longer Available - Sorry

Following is a recap of our no doc business startup line of credit program as well as a link to apply through our simple confidential application (You do not need to give us your Social Security number).


The Simple Process to apply for a line of credit to start a business:

  • Fill out our simple small business start up pre-qualification form (No up front fees) with Stated Income and No Collateral

  • We will do our best to pre-qualify you for a line of credit to start your a business

  • Receive up to $75,000 in as little as 10 business days


  • A corporate entity with EIN #

  • NO Collateral (Unsecured no doc business line of credit!)

  • A mid credit score of 720 or above (If you aren't quite there, we can refer you to one of our partners that can go lower)

Other Information:

  • No reporting to the personal credit bureaus

  • No income verification

  • Interest rates as low as 8.99% and 0% the first 6 to 12 months!



This Program Is No Longer Available - Sorry


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use my Unsecured Business Credit Line for?

Our unsecured business credit lines can be used for pretty much any type of business expense, but are most effectively used to overcome short term capital needs, which we define as a Zero to Eighteen month time-frame. Following are some examples: Marketing campaigns, expansion, capitalize on inventore pricing opportunities and flipping real estate.

Will your Unsecured Business Credit Lines report to the personal credit bureaus?

Never! We guarantee that all business credit lines you acquire through us will not report to the personal credit bureaus, unless you begin missing payments and default. You may draw on the entire balances of these lines without fear of bringing down your personal credit scores!

If my personal credit isn’t great, can I use a co-signer?

We accept co-signers. If you have someone with stronger credit than you and they are willing to personally guarantee your business credit line, we will help you so you're able to utilize your co-signor to acquire capital for your small business.

Are business credit cards a Unsecured Business Credit Line?

Yes, a business credit card is one of the most common forms of unsecured commercial credit. While the format of the credit line causes most business owners from obtaining them, our trained professionals teach our clients how to draw on the lines efficiently, so that they may be used like a check-book line of credit, without paying rediculous cash advance fee’s. While credit cards are often stigmatized by the public by begin associated with bad-debt, we coach our clients to creatively utilize these source of cash to grow their businesses faster than their competitiors.


business start up line of credit

Starting A Business vs. Getting A Job

Starting a business today has some distinct advantages never before experienced however the economic conditions are certainly challenging. Unfortunately for many people, starting a business may be their only choice. I mean how many people are unemployed today? The official government unemployment data says there are 12.75 million people unemployed however, the real (i.e. not dropping people off because they stopped looking, etc.) number according to The Economic Populist website is more like 27.5 million unemployed.

So where do you think the odds are better, finding a JOB (“Just over broke”) or venturing out on your own and starting a business. And if you are over 40 (used to be 50), your odds of finding a job are much worse. No one cares how old you are if you start a business. I guess you’ve figured out by now how I feel and I can tell you that starting your own business is no bed of roses. However, allow me to play Devil’s advocate and contend that getting and having a job is the least risky. I mean hey, many if not most start up businesses fail, right. So then having a job is more secure than owning your own business.

Well, not so fast. I would like to provide some facts/premises that say NOT!

First, 20 years ago, I would say (and did say and do) that a job is more secure. However, with corporations firing people at the drop of a hat just to pump up their stock price and the exportation of jobs to extremely low paying countries, that security is a thing of the past.

Secondly, with the Internet and low cost communications a small start up business can often compete with the big boys. Also, a business start up can significantly improve their odds of not only surviving but thriving. This can be accomplished through careful, thorough planning and testing before taking the plunge.

So if you want to start a business or already in the process of starting a business, a) do your research and planning, b) beef up your skill set needed for your new venture, c) work both smart and hard (no different than what you would do in a job for someone else’s gain), work on a tightly controlled budget and get sufficient start up capital to succeed. You can do it! Here is an interesting article on being a self-employed independent contractor








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